February 2012

Why Are They Curio Cabinets if We Don’t Put Curios in Them?

This is a question that has bothered me for a while now.  When we put items into a curio cabinet, we call them things like knick-knacks or collectibles.  What we don’t call them is curios, even though the word exists, and has since 1849.  Short for curiosity, curio means something novel or bizarre, according to Merriam-Webster.com, so maybe it is too wild a word to reflect the mundane things we put in curio cabinets today.

Sandbaggin' It

"Does your area flood? How do you prevent flooding in your home?"

In our area, flooding is not really an issue.  We get little rain during the summer and our winters are snowy.  Once in a while, the snows will melt almost overnight, and then, watch out!  This year, we had so little snow that the thought of flooding never crossed my mind, until I walked out of my office and nearly drowned.

"Shadow Inventory" and The Stagnation of the Housing Market

It's going to be awhile before we see some upward momentum.

The U.S. economy is an enormous oceanic barge that is attempting to steam ahead with an anchor still down. That anchor is the housing market. A dark spot in the U.S. economy, despite some more positive outlook by the general public, the housing market still looks much like it did three years ago when the economy sank in the first place. There are a number of variables contributing to the lag in the housing market’s return, and one of them was recently illustrated in a TIME article. Known as “shadow inventory”, millions of homes still sit idly by, not even on the market, dragging down neighboring home prices as banks wait to offload the toxic properties they already have so they can start clearing them out.

DIY Chalkboard Paint

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby soon, and unlike me, she is organized and creative.  She posted a photo on Facebook the other day of the coolest thing ever – a whole wall done up in chalkboard paint.  She posed next to it with her big pregnant belly and some things she had written for her baby to see in pictures later.  It was really touching.  Now, my kids have all made the great escape from my belly, but it isn’t too late to give them a chalkboard wall, which is possibly the coolest.  Idea.  Ever. 

Awesome Cabinet Handle Idea

I am always on the hunt for unique, thrifty ways to decorate my home, to create a space that is unique and that I can enjoy spending time in.  The cupboards in our home are the original ones installed thirty plus years ago and are definitely due for a little sprucing up, so when I stumbled across this design idea, I was really excited.  You can find old silverware for very little money at yard sales and thrift stores, so why not make something unique like silverware cabinet pulls?