Wood Heat is so Cozy
Dec 22, 2011
Even if You Rent, Buy Insurance
"Even if you think it could never happen to you, you are better off being prepared and having a policy"
Dec 13, 2011
Home Burns Down - Owners Didn't Pay Fee for Protection
Dec 10, 2011
Wood Floors
Four Primary Types
Dec 7, 2011
Attorney General Goes After Banks
Dec 3, 2011
Staging Your Home
"Staging a home is simply furnishing it in such a way that it will appeal to buyers"
Dec 1, 2011
Homemade Green Cleaners
For a Healthier Environment at Home
Nov 26, 2011
Shower Heads can Turn an Ordinary Shower into Luxury
"you can also install multiple shower heads in the same shower for a true spa experience"
Nov 25, 2011
Aluminum Shutters
"Aluminum shutters are quickly surpassing wood in popularity because of their versatile, affordable and customizable nature."
Nov 18, 2011
The Proof is in the Pendant
Pendant lighting is alluring and the perfect addition to most homes.
Nov 11, 2011
Signs of Termite Damage
Nov 10, 2011
Bring the Fall Season in the Home
There is still time for autumn themed centerpieces.
Nov 4, 2011
Now is the Time to Clean Kitchen Cabinets
"Depending on how heavily soiled they are, you may want to consider cleaning your cabinets up to three times per year"
Nov 3, 2011
In the Middle of the Kitchen
Kitchen islands are stylish, practical and perfect for the kitchen. Here are some tips for finding the perfect kitchen island.
Oct 27, 2011
Choosing Flooring in a New Home or Remodel
Traffic, room, and use considerations.
Oct 27, 2011