Wood Heat is so Cozy

Wood Heat is so Cozy

Not many people these days have experienced the comfort and pleasure of heating with wood.  Wood was the only heat our family had growing up, by choice.  The warmth of wood is so much different from that of electric or gas heat.  It fills the room and goes deep into your bones.  Nothing is quite as cheerful as the warm crackle of a fire in the middle of winter, either.

Depending on your home, wood heat can be much less expensive than other methods of heating.  In our home, we use about five cords of wood per year, and at the market cost of $150 per cord, that adds up to quite a bit less than many people pay for electric or gas heat. 

One year, our family experimented with using propane heat.  Our house was not very well insulated, and it cost more than $1,000 per month to heat that way.  I’ll take wood heat any day.

When I moved to the home I’m in now, we used oil heat at a cost of about $1,000 per year, but it never penetrated very far through the house and it always felt cold.  We switched back to wood heat and we’re both saving money and enjoy a much warmer heat throughout the house.

While some argue that wood burning is more of a pollutant than gas, they probably do not take into consideration the process of refining and supplying that fuel.  In northern areas where trees are abundant, wood can be gathered from dead trees and the process has very little environmental impact.

For us, wood heat costs less, but more importantly, it provides us with a cozy warmth that no other heating method can match.