The Ultimate Natural Home: Cob Houses

The Ultimate Natural Home: Cob Houses

For those looking for a more natural way to live, or an inexpensive way to build a home on their own land, a cob house may be just the thing.  Cob is a mixture of sand, clay and straw that is mixed together to create a molding material.  It is strong, comes from nature, and can last for hundreds of years if maintained.

There are so many benefits to building with cob, that is difficult to say which is the best.  Cob is natural, requiring no mechanical extrication or pollution to create.  Cob is insulating, so homes will stay cooler, although extra attention may be needed to keep warm in very cold climates.  Cob leaves nothing behind, so when it is time to build a new home or move on, cob can be allowed to return to the earth with no garbage left behind.

Cob is also very customizable.  You can create beautiful arching homes with unique design features, and you can easily add on as needed.

You can learn about building a cob house through a workshop or by reading books, and if you have willing helpers, can do it in relatively little time.  The bulk of your home will cost little to no money, and you can salvage recycled materials such as windows and doors for the rest.

Cob homes are beautiful, natural and the epitome of ecofriendly.  If you choose to build a cob house, you are building something that is sustainable, unique and can last a lifetime.