Sandbaggin' It

Sandbaggin' It

"Does your area flood? How do you prevent flooding in your home?"

In our area, flooding is not really an issue.  We get little rain during the summer and our winters are snowy.  Once in a while, the snows will melt almost overnight, and then, watch out!  This year, we had so little snow that the thought of flooding never crossed my mind, until I walked out of my office and nearly drowned.

We had one night of unusual rain on top of just a few inches of snow, but that was enough to start a minor flood that made its way into our garage and then into the house.  Fortunately, the area it flooded was only an unfinished room so no flooring was damaged, but it’s the principle of the thing!

I imagine most of my readers are urban, so you probably have systems set up to slope the water away from your house.  Our driveway used to slope that way, but years of grading the gravel down flat have built up the dirt around our parking area, and now we have flooding issues.

So for the next few weeks while it melts completely away, we will be hopping over sandbags to get into our garage, and hopefully it will be enough to stem the tide.  This year will hopefully be the year we finally do something about the driveway, so next year I won’t have to look at another sandbag!

Does your area flood?  How do you prevent flooding in your home?  Do you, like us, keep a supply of sandbags on hand for the melting season?