Awesome Cabinet Handle Idea

Awesome Cabinet Handle Idea

I am always on the hunt for unique, thrifty ways to decorate my home, to create a space that is unique and that I can enjoy spending time in.  The cupboards in our home are the original ones installed thirty plus years ago and are definitely due for a little sprucing up, so when I stumbled across this design idea, I was really excited.  You can find old silverware for very little money at yard sales and thrift stores, so why not make something unique like silverware cabinet pulls?

You will need a metal bit for your drill to pierce through the top and bottom of your spoon, and a form to shape them on.  For thinner spoons, a food can would probably be about the right diameter and would hold up to the pressure.  For a thicker metal, look for a thick wooden dowel, such as the kind in your closet.

If you go to a hardware store, you should be able to find screws that match the color of your spoons, but if not, get paint to match if it is very important to you that the colors are the same.

This project would probably be a little ambitious for an entire kitchen, but I want to try finding enough for our kitchen cupboards anyway.  It would go great in our shabby (chic) kitchen!

If you aren’t the crafty type, you can buy them premade from the site below, for $24-$28 per pair, which seems a reasonable price to pay for having it done for you.